Our Home [+ video]

FullSizeRenderWe did some research before coming to China as to what our housing situation would be like and you pretty much get a standard apartment either a studio or a 1-3 bedroom apartment, there are no houses here. I mean there are but far out in the country. The bathrooms have a shower head and hole in the floor and you take a shower on the floor next to the toilet. We were lucky enough to get an actual tub and nice sized bathroom. We were also lucky to have our washing machine in the kitchen. When we first arrived it was a whole struggle trying to find a place being extremely jet lagged. All of the apartments are dirty so you have to do a bit of cleaning unlike in America where they’re usually ready to move in. We finally saw the apartment we were waiting to see, the one we knew we would like. We were thrown off that we had to pay 4 months in advance. We knew we had to pay a couple of months in advance based on our research. But we had to put up all the money we brought to China to live the second day we got here! After much budgeting and going over finances we made a decision and said this is what we want. We tried negotiating with the landlord and the only thing we could do to negotiate was to change from paying every six months in advance to paying every three. We came to China to pay off our debt and we are already in China with new debt. We are blessed we will pay it off in 2 months. That was a huge hurdle and we had to borrow from the school to eat, luckily they had this option for us. So far, we like our apartment very much it’s open, it’s close to everything including work and we get so much natural light and the floors are heated (normal for Asia).Watch this video below to see a pretty luxurious apartment in China.



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