Getting Ready for China

Our suitcases came in!

We decided to quit our jobs because it just seemed stagnant, no opportunity for growth, we literally saw our path before us and we just did not want to keep going down that path. We decided to make a change together. This year I (Lee) had a New Years resolution and that was to use our passports which we just got the previous year. We needed to leave the country. We did beyond what I thought. We figured, “ Hey we are in our twenties let’s live this thing we call life!”

We got TEFL certified in May 2015 after some research. Yan’s cousin had also just arrived in China so this was even more proof that we had to leave. We got certified after a month of training. It became real. We wanted to go to South Korea and had applied all summer to different jobs there, but applying as a couple was a little difficult and the timing wasn’t great. We needed to save all summer to have extra cushion after our Dominican Republic trip. We stumbled upon a trip on Living Social and decided to take this trip before we live in another country and work really hard for awhile. After the long summer working in the hot sun, managing our staff, we saved a bunch of money!

It was time for interviewing. The interviews were nerve wrecking as all are and we had to dress up in suits at 2am in the morning hoping their internet connection would work. After many interviews we decided to go for China since we didn’t have much time left. We were set to leave for Europe October 13th so we had to find something quick. Within a month before actually leaving for Europe we got a job! A really good one, the best paying in China, an American education based school we worked hard to get (teaching demos and intro videos). After we quit our jobs in DC and went Eurotripping for 17 days it was time to take the big step and set sail for China! We only had 2 weeks to say our goodbyes to family and friends, pick up our visas (2 month process to complete) sell all our stuff, move out our place, pack up and move all the way to China. It was definitely an emotional roller coaster and a major shock that we were actually doing it. Our family couldn’t believe it either. It became real fast. We spent so much time with our families before we left and the crazy thing was we left 2 days before Thanksgiving and Yanni’s birthday. That was definitely hard for us and family.

2 am Skype interviews to South Korea and China.

We packed up all 5 of our suitcases to the brim with everything we needed and we were on average 13 lbs overweight on all five bags. We thought Yan wouldn’t be able to fit clothes in China based on the internet research we had done. We were wrong. Now we have all this stuff we don’t need. Leaving for the shuttle bus outside our house, our family saw us off at 4am was really hard, we were going to be gone for a little over a year. After the hugs and kisses from our parents and hearing the door close, that was it, no turning back, we were off to China.



2 comments on “Getting Ready for China

  1. This is so cool guys! What is TEFL? I’m guessing it’s some sort of English language teaching certification.
    Why did you have a deadline for when you had to leave or find jobs abroad? Had you already quit your jobs after being certified? I’m enjoying reading about your journey! Keep it coming!

    • @Melanie Yes you’re right it’s a certification to teach English abroad (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). We had quit our jobs just before leaving on our Europe trip so before we left for 17 days we had to secure something abroad. Plus, our lease was up on our apartment. Yikes! Thanks so much for the support we appreciate it!;) We will definitely keep it coming.

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