A Trip to Fujiazhuang Park {Beach}!

We finally felt a day in China that reached above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so you know we took advantage of it. We got word of this nice hiking spot with beautiful scenery by the ocean so we went nature hunting. But not without inviting our country mate Brianna. This is the day after one of our other few African American country mates took his final flight back home to the states leaving China with all his adventures of 15 months. Marcus and Brianna worked at the same school and were close friends so we wanted to reach out more to her. Nonetheless, Brianna comes over to our house and we taxi 15 minutes to Fujiazhuang Park.

When we arrive we see Russian restaurants and statues of kids playing etc. I didn’t pay it too much attention as it wasn’t of my interest that day. The air smelt different. Not saying it smelt fresh but it was different. A little more fishy but strangely appealing. Let’s agree it’s the smell of the ocean. A few steps more to the sand. We did it! We made it to our first beach in China. More so the ocean meeting inland. Now, we didn’t have our feet in the sand but this is a big step forward and it’s still about 12 Celsius (53 degrees Fahrenheit). For the expansion of this journey we listened to a mix of Bob Marley’s greatest hits and experienced old men swimming in the cold, locals clam-hunting and seaweed-gathering and beautiful scenic views while dodging the wind in a boat eating strawberries.

It was such a satisfying and relieving feeling to know that I have somewhere close by to escape to reach nature because it’s scarce here in Dalian. Here are some pictures that will show you what I’m talking about. On an upcoming post you will see pictures of the night sea from the same beach. I met a few local and traveling Chinese photographers. Ill talk about that soon. Thanks for reading. One love. Sice your life.

Next post: Flashback from our Dominican Republic trip (never posted)!



2 comments on “A Trip to Fujiazhuang Park {Beach}!

  1. I am in awe reading this and witnessing your amazing photography. It allows me to travel vicariously through you! Thank you for taking me on my first journey of China.❤

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