{Flashback} Up to visit Chris and Katie! | Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada

If you’ve been keeping up with our story, we met a cool couple named Chris and Katie in the Dominican Republic and after they came to visit us in D.C., it was our turn to see what their hometown was like. Now we’re off to see them in the peninsula of Canada in Halifax, Nova Scotia. With the money we’ve saved up from working for D.C. Government we were off to our next International trip! We were super stoked (as Chris would say) to really be tackling our goals of using our passports this year and it was awesome. Follow us on our journey as we visit with friends,hike beautiful trails, camp out in the pitch black night and road trip through the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton.

We layover in Toronto to get to Halifax and it’s chilly but super beautiful! Everyone speaks English and French so of course we’re excited. We hopped on the plane to get to our actual destination and we were served complimentary fancy wine and cookies on the plane, we had to take advantage. When we landed we were greeted by Chris because Katie had to work and pick up the kids. The air was so clean and everything looked organized. First stop was a nice park full of greenery. The greenish trees we’d ever seen, the clearest water in a lake we’d ever seen(you could see to the bottom)and the freshest air we’d ever smelled. The ground felt like spongy, bouncy carpet, the softest ground you’ll feel and the only thing you could hear were birds chirping and water rippling. Everything looked and felt so pure, we were officially in nature and officially in Halifax.

We drove through the winding roads and cliffs the awesome scenic route and checked out a few lakes (there are over 1,000 lakes in Halifax). We went on a tour of the city by a Harbor hopper and toured around, I highly recommend it. We then went to the grocery store to pick up some dinner and get ready for our camping trip. We headed out to the countryside where there is nothing but miles of woods, and skies so dark you can see the stars clear as day. When we hit the dirt roads it felt like a horror story, we were in the middle of nowhere with no cell service, pitch black and camping. Chris’ family owned the land for many acres it was great! They built their own cabins with running water, a vegetable garden, chickens, turkeys running wild, a pool, a nice full bath outhouse (restroom) and even a huge fire pit! Who wouldn’t love having your own land free to do whatever you want with it. For the next few days we would. We would eat good food, ride four wheelers through the muddy pathways, pick up fresh eggs from the chicken coup with Lily, have good conversations around the fire and watch the stars at night. It was pure tranquility and it was nice being without your phone, just spending quality time with family in nature.

It was road trip time! We packed all of our bags, said ‘goodbye’ to the kiddies and the family and headed off in the jeep to the Cabot Trail; but first before the long trip, we need snacks! Picked up snacks, of course Katie is snack queen and on the road again! After falling asleep multiple times on this 6-hour trip, eating many snacks, listening to everything from country music to reggae to pop we made it. It was time to stretch our legs and peep the beautiful awesomeness of nature. We were in awe of the very winding roads, the water that washed up on the shores and the vast land of farms. It felt like one of those road trip movies. We got some food at the lighthouse diner with live country music. It was a feast! We ate grilled haddock, with sweet potato fries with honey, beer and crab lobster, shrimp pasta; it was the freshest seafood you could get. It came fresh from the sea which was right out the door and down the cliff drop-off. It was dark and at this point our bellies were stuffed and it was time to rest. Chris, being as though he owns a traveling agency, we got a great deal on a cabin right down the road. We both got our own little house for the night.

Rise and shine! Time to conquer the day! We were set to drive through the path onto the Cabot Trail. The park rangers gave us the maps and we got started! The views were simply breathtaking! Ever so often signs said beware of moose crossing, they’re pretty huge and could stomp the car. We stopped many times to take pictures and take-in the beauty. Katie has a instagram and twitter account that gives positivity and laughs to people’s day, it’s called horse and byrd and she takes funny pictures at different locations, really funny stuff. One time, while taking horse and byrd pictures, while taking a break at the top of the waterfall an old straggler came along. When she saw us, she didn’t know what to do or say, so she took out her cellphone, took a picture walked away and went on about her business; we laughed so hard.

After many hours on the day trip, hiking through the pure woods with waterfalls and abandoned trails, we called it a day and started our travels back. We got to see the sunset through the trees and it was awesome. Fresh seafood is all we ate, it was a great trip. When we got back Chris made some great barbecue chicken on the grill and we hung-out in the neighborhood with the family. It was a great trip full of laughs, randomness, nature and fun with friends! Glad we reunited for the third time since the DR.

Thanks for opening up your home, all of the hospitality and being great friends Chris and Katie. This won’t be the last, many more travel adventures to come. Enjoy your trip back to the Dominican Republic next week. Hope you enjoyed.

Has anybody been to Canada? If so, which part? How did you like it? If you have an entertaining road trip story we’d love to hear about that too!

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As always,

Don’t wait to live.

Sice your life!

Peace and Love.




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