Meet, greet and shoot with some local Chinese photographers!

A few weeks back while walking through the store I saw a beautifully unique looking Chinese woman who appeared to be from a different part of China so I approached her. Mind you, hardly any Chinese people here can speak english. A few can write but just a few words. So I walk up on her and ask her if she speaks English. She says, “Yes.” I don’t think she understands me because she said yes. Wait, what? I ask again. She replies verbatim, “Yes.” Cool, I say. I proceed to invite her to take some professional pictures and she giggles and tells me she’s a photographer from Shanghai who’s visiting Dalian for Photography school. This is even better because she has the same passion for photography as I do, she speaks English, and knows China. So we exchange WeChat information (numbers) and keep it moving.  We casually message each other here and there inviting the other to shoot somewhere some time. Unfortunately, we have different off days so it’s hard to link up.

After a long and rough Sunday of work I get a text message from her inviting me to shoot the night sea with her and a few friends from her class. As tired as I was I couldn’t pass this opportunity up so I packed my bag and caught a taxi to meet them at Fuiazhuang Park. From the time I got in the taxi it was a beautiful night. My driver spoke a little English so he wanted to have a conversation. I wasn’t in the mood to talk much but I asked him about his day etc. When I arrived to the beach there was music blasting and older couples and singles dancing having a good time. I met my friend who was in a skirt and heels in this 50 degree Fahrenheit weather. We proceeded to the sand where she walked through with her high heels on like it was normal because it was. The two of us walked to the end of the beach and met her friends who were taking pictures. It was such a cool experience to meet people and not be able to communicate verbally but our energy was in tuned. We explored the beach together laughing at different moments and separating into our photo seeking paths. We spent 2 hours in the cold and wind coming from the sea experimenting with exposure and aperture.

Here are a few pictures I took from that night. It was pitch black on the beach. We had to use our phone lights sometimes to see and find each other. Tell me what you think! Thanks for reading. I hope I inspired you to find your passion and if you know your passion take it to the next level. One love, peace and love and blessings. Don’t wait to live your life just do it now. Sice Your life 😉 Bless.


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