{Flashback} Panoramas, Paella, & Camp Nou Futbol Stadium | Barcelona, Spain

If you’ve been keeping up with our story, we have just quit our jobs the day before, and now we’re ready for our Eurotrip. One of our best friends from college Baffour who is an Uber driver, drove down 3 hours from Pennsylvania to DC. He personally drove us to Union Station, free of charge to begin our journey. With two overweight suitcases(for Greyhound) we finessed our way pass the bus driver onto the bus to New York. We then took a shuttle to the JFK airport.

We are now boarding a plane to Spain for 3 days and Europe in general for 17 days total (5 cities, 3 countries, posts following).Once we boarded our plane we realized how serious the situation was, as Spanish was now the primary language. The plane ride was long (not as long as China of course), we exit customs and reality hits us in the face big time. As we exit customs we try to exchange money, it’s too expensive, so we try the atm. The atm doesn’t work with my card. At this point we freak out, how are we going to get a taxi with American money?! After our panic attack and stressing for about an hour going over ways we could get through this, we try again, it works! What a relief! The bank clearly said it could work internationally for a cheap conversion rate, we didn’t always want to have cash on hand. With our Euros in hand, we can finally be on our way to the hotel.

Luckily Yan knows some Spanish, the driver knew exactly where to go. The ride was lovely, we passed beautiful tombs, mountains, the coast and palm trees. We arrived at the H10 Hotel, the light mystical rain refreshed us. We put our bags down, rested for a few hours and then explored the beautiful city. To our surprise, the mediterranean sea was beautiful with white sands, turquoise water and beautiful people. People played volleyball as a sport on the beach, drank and chilled out. We took an evening stroll to find food and everything was closed, so we explored the Marina where all the partying went down. On our stroll back, we saw a real-life Biblioteca! We stopped and took a picture because it was one of the first words Yan learned in Spanish lol. We took it in for the night, ate a lovely dinner from the hotel and rested.

The next day we woke up to free breakfast at the hotel which was very…European we thought we would have an amazing breakfast with pancakes, waffles,etc. Choices: bread, croissant, many different kinds of sausages, meat, boiled eggs, tea, fruit, yogurt and cereal. We went with fruit and tea (very disappointing). This hotel was super uppity, curfew and all but had an amazing rooftop pool that we tried to get in. We got lunch down at the Marina, explored, tried to get money out of the ATM and prayed it worked again. It did! We decided to try one of the famous dishes here chicken paella and seafood paella. When our food came, we realized we had no appetite. We thought we were hungry but didn’t really have a taste for anything. The next couple of days we lost our appetite, until we got to Italy that is.

We then rented scooters, rented a wifi router and really got to explore the coastal city with our map in hand. Everyone was so nice and helpful. We rode through the busy traffic, stopped to get gas and started our journey up mountains to get to Park Guell. It was too crowded to go on the floor and much too expensive just to go a few feet to see the view, so we viewed from the outside andit was still beautiful. The sunset was beautiful on the skyline of the city. There were people there from all over.

On our way back, we travelled on a small highway to go see the 360 viewpoints of the city. Hopping off our scooters and locking up our helmets and things, we gazed at the awesome site. Then we hiked up the mountain to see the other awesome viewpoints, saw teenagers and couples having a romantic picnics.

Upon basking in the beauty and snapping some photos we take the trek back down the mountain to find that our helmets were stolen. The people at the shop hounded us about how this city had no thefts (no one steals here I promise you, they fooled us). We walked around trying to see if we could see who stole them because we can’t drive all the way back on the busy road without them! It’s dangerous and we could get a huge fine if we take this risk. We tried to call the store but had bad service. The only way was to go but it was going to get dark soon. We took the risk and used major caution. On the way back we couldn’t resist the urge to see the famous Camp Nou and some other sites before heading back. When we got back, they were furious with us that we didn’t have the helmets. Money lost, 500 euros gone. We took it as a loss of money but were mostly thankful we made it back safely! Due to our loss, we decided to walk home 30 minutes and pick some food up and enjoy our last night hanging out at the ports.

We didn’t do too much research on Barcelona and had no idea how hard Barcelona partied. We found out the day before, from a black girl we just met at a Mexican restaurant. She was from New York but was studying abroad, she said they party hard until 7am. Unfortunately, we had to board a plane at 6am to go to our next destination. It was a beautiful trip, aside from the few bumps in the road, but it was a fantastic experience, we will definitely be back to Barcelona. If anyone wants to join us on our next trip to Spain, we will definitely be back(seriously). If you’ve made it to the end of this post we’d like to know where you are from in the comments below. Has anyone been to Barcelona or Madrid? If so, please share in the comments below, we’d love to hear about your experiences!


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H10 Marina Hotel Review:

The hotel was nice and clean. Excellent location, a 10-minute walk to the beach and the boardwalk. The hotel staff were super helpful and spoke like 4 different languages. Excellent customer service, Wifi, spacious rooms and had an onsite restaurant, bar, gym, 2 pools (rooftop and indoors, spa (have to pay extra). It was more like a business hotel, very luxurious with older rich people. It’s in a quaint neighborhood by many restaurants and markets. We enjoyed our stay there for 3 nights.



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