Maya Bay, Krabi Island, Koh Phi Phi Don| Thailand

From Dalian Airport to Shanghai to Phuket Airport, taxi to ferry boat at 5:00am we arrived and felt the heat! After a few hours of waiting we hopped on the Ferry boat with countless others from around the world. Two hours and a half later we had arrived to paradise which would be our home for the next 4 days! We couldn’t believe it, it was just like the pictures we had seen! The cliffs, the florescent water and the many boats.

Departing from the ferry, we paid a fee for beach cleaning then explored some. Yanni was sick the first day with a sore throat(awesome right?) so when we got there we had to go to the hospital and get some antibiotics. Then walked back on the paths back to the port. The island is so small there are no cars so you either walk, scooter, swim, or take a boat to some close tiny inhabited islands. We took our things to our hotel attendant and he put them on the cart to lug to our bungalow. Thai people are very nice and mild-mannered, it was so nice being away from China for a while.

Along our journey we partied and met people from all over the world. The first person we met was Mai from Israel who has such a beautiful soul and heart. She makes jewelry and sells it to pay for her travels, she lived in India doing this. She inspired us. Yan saw her playing a didgeridoo(a huge horn) that took up her whole body. This free-spirited petite woman full of life was travelling alone amongst this beautiful scenery around us and in complete serene as she played her instrument. The sounds of the horn were so soothing that other people came to listen and be in the energy and ambience. This instrument looks very hard to play, its about the breathing and your lips she told us. A few other Jewish guys in their early twenties came by who had been volunteering from Mexico. We all vibed out in the sand watching the pinkish purple sunset on the bayside talking about our travels, home countries and future plans. It was like a movie. It got dark and couldn’t separate just yet. We all went to the boys’ spot through the tiny passageways and hung out, soaked in some A/C and chilled laughed and had a turnup session.

The next people we met on our Phi Phi trip were the partiers Sophia and Ben(early thirties) from England. We met them at a restaurant near our resort which we frequently went to called Carpe Diem, we had stuffed pineapple with rice, shrimp and veggies and a thai salad. We sat there for hours talking and even met a baby who was wandering. The mom and dad came over to chat with us as well. They were from Australia(early-mid thirties) but are living in Malaysia, he worked in IT, and are starting a family in Malaysia. It was interesting to hear peoples’ experience abroad and all of the many different backgrounds. People were surprised we were living and teaching in China.

That night, we met up with Sophia and Ben and saw a fire show, they did amazing tricks like spinning fire in the air on a tight rope. We all hung out, danced on the beach, got our bodies painted just to end the night with skinny dipping in the beautiful clear warm waters. It was amazing. We reunited with Mai by chance because none of us had wifi at the time. We partied some more, upon watching the fire limbo show, we saw a guy taking advantage of a girl who was passed out. We stepped in among other people, all strangers to help. Yan carried her to the hospital and Mai whom we were with stayed with her throughout the night. It was a tough night but it was nice to know people cared, all strangers came together to help a girl in need. They are now our good friends. Earlier in the day, Yan lost his lion of judah pendant in the sand when playing soccer with some guys from Italy and Canada on the bay side where we had met Mai. She found it in the sand (crazy right?) and made Yan a new necklace, handmade into a new masterpiece.

We met Francisca and Lai from Portugal soon after. We were walking down the road and I complimented them on how fit they were. We started talking from there and we told them we were on our way to find an excursion, it just so happens we were too at the last minute as usual. We found a deal and we met up early to go snorkeling, visit some islands including Monkey Island and Maya Bay. It was hot but very nice. Yan and I have a fear of boats. Low and behold on our way back after our half-day excursion the boat breaks down between Maya Bay and Phi Phi Don. We sway back and forth, the boat gives out. Everyone on the small boat is calm but Yan and I, we try to contain it. Here we are in the middle of the ocean, no phones, in the hot sun with no motor. I looked in the back and one man is sucking gas out of the tube and spitting it out and the other guy is banging the motor. The sea sickness is starting to settle and we had to control our minds. The locals are sweating like crazy banging at the motor, bleeding and all trying to fix it. Where’s the Emergency Action Plan? This is real life, in the middle of the ocean with real sharks. After an hour of agony which felt like hours, they get it going. We are relieved and finally thankful to be on stable land. Later we hiked through the mountains to the other beaches and had a photoshoot with the beauties Lai and Francisca and had some good grub.

We met two people from Jersey Chris and Jessica at Long Beach, we thought, yes Americans! Once again we took a boat because it got too dark to hike back it was pretty nerve wracking in the dark. We went to the port and spent the night partying there. Walking through the alleyways of the island we stumbled upon a Thai boxing place where we met more Americans! The hilarious and passionate Ryan and John (friends in mid-thirties traveling with Ryan’s wife and child for 4 years throughout Asia). Very smart guys in water sports business, working on a resort in India. We were meant to meet them. They inspired us, welcomed us in and gave us advice. We thought if they could live this life, why couldn’t we? Watching the Thai boxing, people watching over beers and great company, it was a great night.

We met little girl locals the next day, Sha and Leila, such beautiful girls who knew very little English but were fascinated by us, I tried teaching them to swim and we spoke by hand signals. They taught us a little Thai too. On our final day, we tried hiking up the mountain to see the viewpoint at sunset. We walked and walked and got nowhere we had to hire a guy on a bike to take us up the steep mountain. We got there when it was dark, barely any sunset. We started walking back in the dark with our cellphone flashlights, through the villages of peoples’ homes. It was pitch black and monkeys were in the trees. We had to find our way back to meet the man to take us down. We couldn’t tell which path to take. Luckily two other guys were trying to find their way too so we followed them. We came back through a different exit, it was scary. We lost them to take pictures of the night sky and it started to storm I was ready to go. It was time, we don’t have time for the monkey packs to attack. We found the city after walking a while through the terrain and saw Ryan and John on our way back.

We ended our trip with getting bamboo tattoos on our wrist in sanskrit that means “Earth, wind, fire, water”, we had good food and somebeach fun. We ate breakfast and got ready for our next journey Phuket!

We loved Phi Phi, every bit of it! From the food, to the amazing people and the scenery that looked like it was a photoshopped image. Anyone planning a trip to Thailand that has questions ask in the comments below. Who has been to Phi Phi Islands? How was it for you? Please share below, we’d love to hear your stories too!

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As always,

Don’t wait to live.

Sice your life!

Peace and Love.


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