Dream Beach Club, Phuket Bike Resort, Layan Beach, Photoshoots, Som Restaurant, Friends | Phuket | Thailand

For the longest we called this place “fuck it” when its really pronounced “pooket.” Anyway, we arrived to Phuket from the ferry. We were surprised to see people drive on the other side of the road and the wheel was on the opposite side as well. We got to the Phuket Bike resort and thought we’d been set up. It was quiet, the doors were open meaning anyone could come in freely. We went up to our room and the room was outstanding! Everything we thought before disappeared. This was our time to relax after our great adventure in Phi Phi. The first day we got there we walked to the SOME restaurant through the villages and got the most amazing dinner. We rode bikes with an Indian couple we met at the resort down to the Layan beach and hung out. We stayed there all day. The beach was different. There were trees on the beach and farms and greenish water. It was beautiful. We heard some great music coming from the Dream Resort so we snuck by the beach. We joined in the party by the pool. The DJ was great! He played everything from African music to oldies to reggae and reggaetone songs. We met a group of 20 Americans traveling together who were living in Hong Kong, they turned the party up. We always wanted to travel with a big group like that or any group for that matter.

We partied there and met the owners of the place. We were once again inspired by building a resort and making money abroad. Once again the thought of starting a resort slapped us in the face. So many beautiful, inspiring people in one place. The sun started to go down and we met the DJ from New York and his wife from Paris who were ethnically very mixed, which had a heavy influence on his music choice. They were all about spreading love and inspiring young people. The owners told us we had to get out here and live. They just started the resort a month prior and it was amazing, they had families and all in their late thirties, early forties. We drank and partied until the party died down and only few of us were left standing Sam from the U.K. who is half Chinese, Shoba from Malaysia and her boyfriend from Germany still looking for the party. We all decided to make our own party. We said bye to the owners and DJ and went to start our own fun at our hotel.

We danced to Bon Bon by Era Istrefi, Reggae and Reggae. We made our own fun that night and partied all night. Every morning we woke up and walked to the nice restaurants down the street and had mango and banana smoothies with pineapple and banana pancakes ahh heaven. We went back to the beach and Yan had a photoshoot with Jen from Paris living in Phuket, check out the awesome pictures here. After the photoshoot at the different locations we came back to the beach and chilled on the beach all day with our friends from India and watched the beautiful sunset. Later, we rode back on our bikes that we left the night before, ate dinner at our favorite spot and got souvenirs. We relaxed for the rest of the time until our flight at 1am.

It was a great time full of mouth-watering food, international friends and inspiration! Has anyone been to Phuket, Bangla Road, Patong Beach, Dream Beach Club Bangkok or surrounding areas? What are your thoughts? How was it?

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Don’t wait to live.

Sice your life!

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