Leather,Luxury, Shopping |Florence, {Flashback}

Getting on the train was tough to get to Florence from Rome. We had our tickets from Groupon but couldn’t find where to check-in. We went into a booth and they said we were at a competing company and they couldn’t help. We asked people and they didn’t know or couldn’t speak English. We met another couple in their early sixties who had the same Groupon, we followed them they said it’s this way. We arrived at the platform and Yan and I knew it we had to get on this train, but the other couple said no, it’s the next one. We trusted them. It was all very confusing. We hopped on the train that came in but it was later than scheduled. We lugged our luggage onto the train and the doors closed abruptly. We had to find a seat with all our luggage, people were yelling at us to move out of the way. We found our seats and someone was sitting in them so we sat somewhere else. One of the train attendants came around checking tickets, we found out we were on the wrong train. They said we had to pay 190 euros to take this train and if we didn’t, we would be taken to the police station.

Anyway, after this we arrived and took a cab to the hotel, Hotel Meridiana. Florence was a relaxing luxurious city. This was our stop to unwind from the overwhelming Rome. We went on our own tours, no accompanied tours. We didn’t know much about Florence but it was quiet and the people were very hospitable. It was a very romantic town, old-fashioned city. We toured one day, took the bus down to check out the Duomo it was an amazing site to see, all of the detail and hard work that they put into these buildings centuries ago, such creativity. We were mind-blown. When we got on the bus initially we did not pay because the couple from before told us we didn’t need to and we listened. They were fined about 100 Euros because they didn’t pay for the bus. The next time, we didn’t try that again.
We were hungry so we looked up where to eat around the hotel. We found one spot that was close. We walked in the neighborhood through this tunnel full of graffiti art. All of the walls had masterpieces and messages, it was sweet! The tunnel led us to the other side of the street so we didn’t have to cross it, genius! We got to the momnpop restaurant. It was nice, cheap and quality food and service. The man could speak a bit of English, he did everything in the store, made the pizza, entertained, cashier and all, very humble man. He spoke to everyone who came in while still making excellent pizza! Great man in the community. We walked back and tore that pizza up. I can still remember the warm crispy crust.
Next day, we hopped not the bus and went down to the shopping district, the oldest bridge and the most serene view you could see. Everything from the multi-colored buildings to one of the oldest bridge in the world where the finest jewelry was on display and the roads were made of cobblestone. We met a girl who was a rich ambassador’s daughter and she hung out with the richest of the rich, princes and princesses of the Middle East and Africa.

We ended our 3-day trip with some shopping. Souvenirs and leather for family and friends and so much fine leather. If you ever need leather products go to Florence, such rich and quality products. Florence was great, I recommend going to the wine vineyards to see how the finest wine is made there, we didn’t get a chance to check that out. Also, definitely check out the beautiful sunset on the Duomo (beautiful).

Florence was a success, anyone been? Let us know how it was, comment below!


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