Water Taxi, Gelatos, Canals | Venice, Italy {Flashback}

If you’ve kept up with our Europtrip…

After our train ride, we arrived at our luxurious hotel in Venice with Marcy and Hugo for our 2-day stay. We dropped off our bags and headed out to enjoy the nice weather and grab some pizza! Marcy and Hugo decided to get Chinese and we went with pizza of course! We got vegetarian pizza with eggplant. We grabbed our tickets from the convenience store to hop on the water taxi. We caught the 2 bus to go down to the water taxi and were excited to use public transportation on a boat! This is what the locals do everyday.

We took the boat to Murano Island, enjoyed the scenery and being on streets and sidewalks that ended at water. It was amazing how it felt as though we were floating on water, every step you take, there’s water right beside you. Anyway, we stayed there and decided to FaceTime some family and friends since we had a bit of wifi. We called Chris and Katie from Canada and showed them the view, it was beautiful! We also FaceTimed with Yan’s mom. We waited for our next boat to come and headed back.

There was so much art and many ancient shops. The pathways were so tiny, we toured the canals and got lost a few times. The next day was exploring the canals and feasting in gelatos and pizza. We went to this one gelato shop to recharge phones and finish our ice cream we just bought and look at a map. The owner kept looking at us from afar and finally asked “Can I help you?” and gave us a look like what are you doing in our store? We replied “No”. He asked us, “Is there something I can do for you?” We said, “No”. He then went on to say, “You can’t be in here” and we said, “What? We just bought something from your store we can stay here,” we replied, and he walked off but continued to look at us the whole time.

Another incident we had was a woman on a water taxi an officer of some sort. We were boarding onto the boat and the lady told Yan to remove his book bag due to safety regulations. He would comply but there were countless others with their backpacks on that boarded and were standing and she said nothing to them. She continued to say “Take it off” but people who had passed still had theirs on but she only pointed him out and harassed him. Even when some Korean girls came on board they asked the lady where something was on the map and she just replied with “No!, No!” like she did not want to help at all even though she was standing there and that was her job. They were really rude to people in Venice and racist.

On our last night in Venice, on the bus back to the hotel after our eventful day we met a brother on the bus. He happened to live in the same neighborhood as our hotel so Yan grabbed some food and drinks with him and his brothers. We left the bar and met up with some more brothers at a big dance off / outdoor courtyard party with a banging DJ and a bar. There were so many people from all over the world there at that very moment and such good high-energy vibes. We danced and laughed later than expected as we had a 6 am flight to Paris, France. Yan speaking: “Alethea had no idea this whole trip I was going to propose to her in Paris so for me it was finally here. The next day we will be a stronger, more intend and openly committed couple.

Next stop, Paris the city of love, all women love Paris. See the exciting love story we have on our next blog post!
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As always,

Don’t wait to live.

Sice your life!

Peace and Love.



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