Engagement! | Paris, France {Flashback}

It was a beautiful day on October 25, 2015 in the city of love, Paris. The sun was shining through our tall Parisian French doors that overlooked the city. We woke up,stretch and got breakfast down at the cafeteria in the hotel. We had croissants, orange juice and fruit. Little did I know, the man I’ve loved for 8 years would be kneeling down before me asking my hand in marriage at my favorite place in the whole world. Here’s the story.

That morning after breakfast,Yanni told me I should take a relaxing long hot shower, fix my hair nicely because we will take a little photoshoot down at the Eiffel Tower. It’s nice to have a photographer as a boyfriend. 🙂 When i got out, Yanni picked something out for me, I was so excited to be back in my favorite place! We got dressed and headed out. It was cold but nothing could stop my joy of being in my second home. We took the metro down to the tour Eiffel and walked around a bit the weather was ice cold and my nose kept running but I was so excited to be here. Luckily I had my extra pair of shoes because my feet were hurting already. Yanni told me he would be back he wanted to check out which spot was best to take the pictures so I wouldn’t have to walk. I sat on a bench and watched all the people around me in the park. It was beautiful everyone from all over the world it seemed, looked so happy and was smiling feeling excited because they were in the city of love. I started to walk to see where he was because he was taking forever as he usually does lol but he came back in time and told me he found a spot.

We walked across the double road where all of these buses were parked, busy traffic and a fountain was there. We walked through the park and Yanni kept looking behind him. I didn’t think anything of it. I was getting myself ready for the photoshoot and he got the camera ready. He was checking the settings and test shooting as usual at least that’s what I thought. (He was really checking to see if everyone was ready.) Someone called his phone, he answered and talked to the photographer who would take our pictures. He said, “look over there wow, look in the lens, look at that man.” I did and I couldn’t find where it was that he wanted me to look and then I finally saw the sign that read “Alethea will you marry me?”. I broke down that was it folks I was done lol I couldn’t even get yes out. I could see it in his eyes and in his voice he was nervous it was so cute his eyes watered up. It was as if everything around us stopped moving and I could only see him. He surprised me to the fullest I had no idea. That’s when our friend Louis came and the photographer came out of nowhere. Our friend from Paris Louis(we met him in DC at my pool in Georgetown and spent all summer together) was there! He was holding the sign I didn’t even know! Louis and his mother and sister decorated the sign which was a pillowcase with flowers on it, it was so sweet.

Yanni hired a professional photographer to capture it all, she lives in Paris too. Louis brought a bottle of champagne, we popped bottles and posed for engagement photos in the cold and it was cold. Our magical moment ended with the Eiffel Tower lighting up and sparkling up the town just in time for the photos. It was like a fairy tale. He knows I’m a sucker for romance. We got on the metro and ended the night at Louis’ Family’s place. They made us a tasty dinner in their Parisian loft overlooking the city and a great view of the Eiffel Tower. An amazing night to remember. Thank you Babe you did it perfectly I wouldn’t have it any other way. You really put time and effort into surprising me in a whole other country. I’ll always remember that. Happy to call you my fiancé and soon to be husband.😝😁😁 The next day, I couldn’t believe but happened, my eyes were still puffy from the day before and we toured all the sites on the double decker tour bus and got portraits drawn of our engagement in Montmartre by the Sacre Coeur. Fun times to end our Paris trip, we couldn’t do it all without you Louis! Thanks for all your love and hospitality.


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