Review: Bali Quad Discovery Tours (ATV & Buggy trip) [VIDEO] {5/5 Stars}

Excursion Review:

Excellent – 5/5 Stars!!!!!

The driver was waiting for us on time at 7am sharp for the early bird pick up. He had a breakfast bag for us which was nice. We had breakfast for him too. The drive was a bit lengthy at 1hr 40mins until we arrived in Ubud at the campsite. We did pick up one other couple in Ubud. This is the location for the 2 hour ATV or Buggy ride. The monkey Forest and everything else is at other locations. They offer different packages, we just chose the Buggy ride but you can choose to go on an elephant trip afterwards with them or monkey forest or canyon tubing and they will provide roundtrip transportation. We wouldn’t recommend it as those animals are drugged up all day chained up like slaves for our “thrilling” picture but to each its own. They served us tea and cake while we watched a tutorial video and filled out the safety paperwork.

After the video, they provided helmets, scarves for our head, etc. The gear is great and the ATV’s are in great shape and automatic. We did a few practice runs on the ATV’s. That is where they look to see your skill level and group you accordingly. After the test runs, we set off for 2 hours seeing the rice terraces, driving on cliffs, and through villages seeing kids and locals. They had a few photographers setup during the ride that took photos you can get printed after. We bought 2 prints for 200,000rupiah and got the third one free. It’s a deal. Prints are nice and big in a frame too. They provide showers with hot water and soap so I recommend bringing a change of clothes and they provide a decent homemade lunch. We are vegetarians so there are vegetarian options. The staff were great, friendly and took us to some great paths, we saw some locals as well it was great. We’d recommend for the memories. Also, if two people want to ride together the buggy would be best because you can sit side by side and wear a seatbelt so both people fully enjoy the ride. On an ATV the back person will be holding onto the driver so it will be hard to stay seated, see around their helmet, and record with a GoPro or camera. They do have a helmet with a GoPro mount on it and we found a place to mount our GoPro 5 on a bar on the buggy. You have to book a day in advance and we recommend asking a local to help you book over the phone. They say you save 10% booking online but the prices are much higher so you actually pay more.

How to contact:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BaliQuadDiscoveryTours.CanyonTubingAdventures/

Website: http://www.baliquad.com

Phone #: +62 (0361) 720766 / 8080305 / 081236661235


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