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Creating & Innergizing in Nature!

We finally got out into and surrounded by some proper nature. We spent the day hiking to different locations and creating amazing photos.

Having fun in nature! Letting our souls run free and dance beautifully on the rocks. We worked creatively together to create some beautiful art while taking in this amazing nature surrounding us, enjoying each other’s company and conversation. Today was a beautiful day full of creativity.


Being in the city close to work, restaurants and other necessities since we are on foot its a necessecity, the drawback is that we are cut off from nature. At times we feel like we are in a concrete jungle with tall buildings. Today we got to fully immerse in nature when we took a trip to a secluded beach we found in Dalian. It’s a beautiful beach with archways made of rocks. The sea floor is made up of beautiful rocks instead of sand. On the outskirts of the beautiful huge rocks with embedded seashells and sea are mountainous vast lands of woods with speckles of yellow flowers sprinkling the paths. We took in the whole experience with all of our 5 senses.


The water flowed so beautifully it softly hit the rocks at the shore. The clouds covered the water in the distance like a white sheet covering your body on a warm day. It left us breathless. Cheers to nature and it’s amazing powers. We are forever grateful for the wonders you provide for us. We urge you to get out and enjoy natures wonders today.


Little Excerpt from Alethea-

“Oh how my soul was yearning to breathe in the fresh air of the sea, the rough feeling of the rocks under my fingertips, the birds chirping, the silence, the wind whispering through the trees. My soul is revived! Even though I was there to work. It pleased my spirit so much! Sometimes I just sit back in amazement that this is all naturally created. The colors, the textures, the sounds are a true masterpiece. It awakened the creativity in me. I write more, create art and listen to my inner artist! ✨✨🌊
Dear Alethea,

Drink more water, don’t let babylon pull you in. Yes, you need to survive but remember to feed your soul with the nourishment it needs to keep going.

Sincerely with love,
Your spirit
alethea ➰🌎➰”
I get so focused on my dreams sometimes I lose myself in the future. Who else gets like this? It’s important to be conscious of this and to take a step back and reflect on this. Anyways, I had a beautiful day. Thought I’d share it with you all. Hope it inspires you and feeds you positivity. Love y’all. ✌🏽💚🌊lee


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2 comments on “Creating & Innergizing in Nature!

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Your blog gives me life and inspires me to travel & see this world one small step at a time. Namaste

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