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Love & Frisbee! <3

Frisbee Photos by Alina-18We’ve been playing frisbee every Monday for about a year now minus the middle of the winter. We’ve been using frisbee to stay active and fit. We finally found another frisbee team here in Dalian where we live so we decided our team would play their team.


Frisbee Photos by Alina-86

This team is all Chinese students from Dalian Maritime University and they practice every day. They have 25 players. We play every Monday and although we have about 25 people that come out, the best players were chosen for the match. One of our team’s players didn’t listen to me when I said we’re going to need extra people for subs even if they are average or new players. So, we took 8. Alethea and I were in good enough shape not to be exhausted but some of our other players were dead tired.

Frisbee Photos by Alina-43


Game rules: 

7 vs 7 

Score 17 catches in the end zone to win. 


Frisbee Photos by Alina-52

We played well. We lost 13-15 but given the circumstances it was a win for us. Alethea and I play on the same team and help each other get better. Sometimes we play with and sometimes against but competing in an organized game together builds our relationship on and off the field.


Frisbee Photos by Alina-106

Our friend Alina came out and captured all the photos. Much love to her from us and Team Blue Crush!




Slideshow of more pictures:

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