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Rock climbing

It’s a Monday afternoon and we usually play ultimate frisbee but most of the players are on vacation so we went indoor rock climbing for a good workout.

It was real cool. You get a harness when you get there and keep it on the whole time. So you can go to the different levels of climbs and do whichever you want.

We’ll be honest, it much harder than it’s looks but it’s doable. It’s 90% mental and half physical lol. And your hands and forearms are working the most. It’s 3 days later now and we can still feel it. We had to carry our luggage and bags our the house and was dying lol. Our arms are still noodles. But it’s a nice workout, you have to push yourself to find the strength once you get to your match.

We went with a group of 20 so we all pushed each other to reach their full potential it was nice. You should see the videos (below) of Alethea climbing from under the rock. We do everything together and push each other to the max. Even if we end up getting mad we take it for the lesson.



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