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We teach you how to Pay Off your STUDENT LOANS FAST! (5 Steps & 10 Tips)

In this video, we break down how we paid off $20,000 in student loan debt in 4 months. This is our debt-free journey. We started aggressively paying our student loans in March 2018. We started with $77,000 in total debt. As of today, (June 2018) we are now at $55,000 in total debt. With this progress, we plan on being debt-free by January 2020, if not sooner. We have learned some tips from our financial advisor along the way and are using the debt avalanche method instead of Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball method. With the debt avalanche method, we will pay off our loans with the highest interest rates first and work down to the smallest interest rates. We provide lots of info in this video about the strategies we use. We show you how we did it. Follow us on our journey to becoming debt-free because this is the first video to show our progress. Do you have student loan debt? What are you doing to tackle your debt?

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