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VLOG #2. Beach Party, Nature Hikes, BTS Little Venice Photoshoot and more…

In this vlog, we go to Fujiazhuang beach, a few minutes. We party on the beach with some cool vibes. We get some quality time in nature and get another photoshoot in Little Venice in Dalian China. We had a blast recreating our wedding photos! We became celebrities for a day. Day in the life of the Davis family. Check out our instagram and website for the pictures from the photoshoot!

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Best Life by: Cardi B feat. Chance The Rapper

UNI- BRITNEY MARIE                                                                                                                                         XXX- BRITNEY MARIE FEAT. LOUIE V.  GANJA                                                                                                     ROGUE (INTRO)- BRITNEY MARIE                                                                                             ROLLERCOASTER RIDE-BRITNEY MARIE

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