Join us and others Friday 12:30(EST) for the Premiere of our 1st Official Intro Video for our channel. It’s a 4 minute video. We want to get a lot of people on at the same time for some great comments and vibes.

Hey Sice your life fam! We decided to do a new and updated intro video for our videos! Tell us what y’all think! We added video from our travels, everyday life, challenges and money videos! Hope you guys enjoy! The travel clips included (Paris, Rome, Phi Phi Islands, Bali, Dominican Republic, Canada, Beijing and Dalian, China) where we currently live.

What’s your favorite clip?

Video or Challenge ideas for us to do?🤔

Let us know! Email us!
OR DM us on Instagram! @siceyourlife

📹 NEW VIDEOS drop EVERY Friday! Stay tuned!

Check out our latest VIDEOS!

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Best Life by: Cardi B feat. Chance The Rapper


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